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Formulating and Solving a Capacity Allocation Problem of a Plane

Operating for Cubana. YYZ.

The passenger transport industry faces the problem of determining how to efficiently allocate transportation capacity when offering different prices or fees to their customers for a specific route. This is why they must consider sales revenues associated with each type of rate, estimated customer demand for such fees and the capacity of the transport in […]

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How to Download and Install the Trial version of Premium Solver Pro in Excel 2010


Solver is definitely next What’sBest! The most popular tool for solving optimization models using Microsoft Excel as a platform. In fact the free version of Solver we use is developed by Frontline Systems Inc., which provides a number of tools and resolution engines that are very useful when addressing problems of real life situations that […]

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Formulation and Resolution of a model of Linear Programming to reduce the duration of a Project (Crashing)


In Project Management one of the key aspects is determining the costs to complete the project in a given time. Likewise it is of particular interest to efficiently face the problem of how to reduce the duration of it in the most economical way, on the premise that certain activities could eventually be developed in […]

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Model of Transportation with Transshipment solved with Excel Solver


One of the classic uses of Operations Research and, in particular of Linear Programming is to propose optimum alternatives for the logistics or transport of inputs and products from a group of suppliers to a group receivers or petitioners. When we consider that, in this process of transportation, intermediaries can participate, this is an extension […]

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