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Example of Infinite Solutions in the Simplex Method

infinite solutions linear programming

One of the possibilities that we may face when solving a Linear Programming model through the Simplex Method is finding multiple or infinite solutions, this means there is a stretch of feasible solutions that report the same value for the objective function that cannot be improved. If after applying the necessary iterations of the Simplex Method […]

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Changes in the Right Hand Side (RHS) of the Constraint (Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming)

xb vector

Vector on Right Hand Side (RHS) associated with the constrains of a Linear Programming model may have different practical interpretations such as the availability of inputs for the manufacture of certain products, limiting of capacity, demand requirements, among other. As a result it is interesting to analyze the impact of the change of one or more […]

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What is a Basic Feasible Solution in Linear Programming


In Linear Programming (LP) a basic feasible solution is one that also belong to the feasible region or problem area can be represented by a feasible solution in implementing the Simplex Method satisfying nonnegative conditions. In this context, a basic solution corresponds to one of the vertices whose coordinate feasibility domain or solution can be represented by a set of […]

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