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How to Solve a Linear Programming (LP) problem with What’sBest!


The following tutorial will show how to solve a Linear Programming (LP) model with What’sBest! 11.1. Of course, you previously need to download and install What’sBest! as a add-in for Excel the way we explained it step by step in a previous tutorial. In order to show how to use this Excel add-in we will use the Transportation […]

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Changes in the Right Hand Side (RHS) of the Constraint (Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming)

xb vector

Vector on Right Hand Side (RHS) associated with the constrains of a Linear Programming model may have different practical interpretations such as the availability of inputs for the manufacture of certain products, limiting of capacity, demand requirements, among other. As a result it is interesting to analyze the impact of the change of one or more […]

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