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How to Solve a Linear Programming (LP) problem with What’sBest!


The following tutorial will show how to solve a Linear Programming (LP) model with What’sBest! 11.1. Of course, you previously need to download and install What’sBest! as a add-in for Excel the way we explained it step by step in a previous tutorial. In order to show how to use this Excel add-in we will use the Transportation […]

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How to Download and Install the Trial version of What’sBest! 11.1 in Excel 2010


What’sBest! is an excellent add-in to Excel that allows us to solve linear, non linear, integer and probabilistic (stochastic) optimization models through an easy and intuitive interface. This program is highly recommended both for students as for professors in the field of Operations Research and is available in a free trial version. The following tutorial […]

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